Majestic inspection services calling out interior basement system supposed repairs

Hats off to this HI and others who make the right calls on these interior basement drainage foundation companies.
–Wall anchors fail to support walls (right!) … notice they installed an interior drainage system loll see the edge of floor, it does nothing to stop further water from entering exterior cracks.
Foundation morons of Michigan or Everdry or B Dry etc misrepresent homeowners problems.
Sheesh, there are EXTERIOR cracks in the block foundation wall and lateral soil pressure and-or underground tree roots or possibly settled concrete slabs etc are causing the problems.

Same HI, love his reply here, “A failed foundation wall was given a clean bill of health by a local foundation company, they are smoking crack” yes sir, they are scammers.
Instead of doing something that would help the basement wall, exterior waterproofing backfilled correctly, they inject cracks on the inside lool
Sometimes these cracks are caused by underground tree roots like this

Just like here, another moron interior system company installed this garbage costing BIG $$$$, where are they now with their supposed lifetime guarantee, pfttt.

Same house, here were the problems all along… and solution

Swelling and shrinking soils, expansive clay soil… against basement walls cause cracks, leaky basements, bowed walls. -----------Severity of Problem, swelling soils are a nationwide problem, each year shrinking or swelling cause billions $$ damages to houses, roads, buildings… more than twice the damage from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes…

Great post Bub!

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