Makes me want to scream

Why do so many people insist on someone to blame for anything that goes wrong? It seems that every 3 years or so, something like this happens. I inspect a house, something collapses soon after that I couldn’t foresee. 15+ year old concrete tile roof, report the flashing needs service but everything else OK. I see no broken tiles anywhere (from the eves, all around). No moisture anywhere inside or in the attic, also with IR. They move in and 2&1/2 months later, there is leaking. There are broken tiles found over the master bedroom. Of course it’s all my fault. They believe the tiles were broken before. The roofing contractor they call tells them it’s been an ongoing problem (based upon lifting up broken tiles and looking underneath) Oh, this is Oregon. It rains here. It was raining the day of the inspection, but nothing then. Off we go, legal lotto. Makes you want to puke. This is someone who knows me quite well too.

When the buyers did their 24hr pre-closing walk-through was there ‘water stains’?


nope, nothing for 2&1/2 months.

I’d remind him that I told him the inspection wasn’t a warranty. The roof wasn’t leaking and wasn’t broken at the time of the inspection (when it was raining), and didn’t leak for 2 1/2 months after he moved in. Sorry, I’m not a prophet, or psychic.

It always amazes me when I see a tile roof, to actually lift of a few tiles and
see what happens. I have found that some of them come right off and/or
are very loose.

It is common maintenance for tile roofs to be tightened and refasten, in
some areas, when they get 15 years old. The tiles are still good but some of
the fasteners get loose or rusted. (I find this on new houses sometimes).

I would be leery of passing a 15 year old tile roof without calling for some
kind of service-maintenance check by a qualified roofer.

Hindsight is always 20/20 and we learn as we go.