Making it work

So I crashed my van a couple of weeks ago. I was renting a truck but it was getting costly. Long story short, I made my mini cooper capable of being my inspection vehicle. I can’t bring my 24’ ladder so the 22’ will have to do. I am also a little worried about first impressions but its better than no impression!

Impressions should be fine. It’s no derelict.

What’s with the B&E tools?

The bolt cutters? For breaking into houses to do inspections. :mrgreen:

So much for giving a ride to the Client for a coffee, huh! ;):mrgreen:

The client is the leas of my worries. My son is going to miss preschool for a few days!

P.S. For those inspectors who can’t help but comment on the other issues they see in photos. I know my driveway needs some major love.

Mine too Juan, maybe we can share the driveway brush. :wink:

I have tried to seal that driveway for the past 3 weekends and keeps raining. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your little car. Kind of cool.

Juan I’m seriously thinking about a black Mini. How does she do on Gas? I love the mini’s and nothing like seeing a 6’5 guy get out of one. People will remember that plus my logo would look nice on the side of a black mini. :slight_smile: Awesome ride.

Thanks man! Its not ideal or preferred but I do think it is kind of cool! (hence the post) I might continue to do this for ranch style homes. MIGHT

Comes down to the fact of “Whatever Works”
Nothihng wrong with it. :slight_smile:

I have the first year of the new MINI line (2003)
Pro:It consistently gets an average of 28+ MPG. I can get about 375-400 gallons on a 13.5 gallon tank. The newer ones do even better than this and they are slightly bigger.

Con:Repairs are extremely costly since its foreign and BMW owned. I do most repairs my self and it still makes me cry every time I have to buy parts. You can’t put an extension ladder in them or on them.

About 2-3 years ago I put the little giant in storage and purchased a 12.5ft Extend & Climb telescoping ladder.

I typically can view the houses online through listings or google earth and I can tell if I absolutely need to bring the Little Giant, but in the last 2-3 years, there have only been 3 or 4 roofs I couldn’t get on(and had forgotten to bring the big ladder) and only one where I had to bring the larger ladder. I have ten times that many each year which I have to disclaim and not walk due to snow, rain or pitch.

No more big clunky ladders for me. :slight_smile:

Maybe a mini
works for you
but having a ladder to access a roof…

32 - 40 feet in this market
is more important…

I drive a 2001 Kia so what the heck are you complaining about…gimme a break.
By the time they see what you are driving “as if people care” they had already hired you and if your personality sucks or you are not good at your profession the vehicle you drive might matter.

The transportation gets you where you are going and appearance is for signage .

I was talking to a retired SMSgt the other day. Has no idea what I drive friend of mine at work. We was talking about his roof and he stated he found a guy to come look at it because of recent hail damage. He stated the guy showed up in a old truck with no signage on his truck. His words without me saying anything about it was I don’t deal with people who don’t look professional. I currently drive a honda accord with no signage. That is about to change. I firmly believe we must look professional in uniform and with what we drive.

I bet Mitt has a kennel you can borrow. The kid might think riding on the roof is cool… :mrgreen:

He never would have mentioned it or thought about what the guy was driving if the inspector was professional.
I am sure he had bad things to say about the service also.

I used to use this car for inspections once in a while, for deduction purposes. :mrgreen:
No one ever complained!

I currently drive a GMC 2500, terrible on gas and, frankly overkill for my purposes. It’s 10 years old (in good shape) used to do contracting and needed a big truck, but i’m thinking of downsizing as i inspect full time and dont need the monster any more.

Just need to fit the LG ladder in whatever the new vehicle is. or get a telescoping one.