Manufactured FP cleareances

Manufactured fireplace did not list dimensions for distance to combustibles or hearth extension requirements. What do you think? From FP opening to combustible was 7.5 inches and hearth extension was 12". Any good literature on this?



Might not be the most current but good reference.

Brian, code check says manufactured fireplace must be installed as per listing. The problem is I dont know what the listing is. No manual in sight.
It appears measurements shown are for masonry fireplaces not manufactured.

Normally 16" front and 8" sides for, I believe, 6 square foot opening and smaller. Larger needs the 20" and 12".

That’s how I remember it.

Then document what you see and recommend they consult the manufacturers listing.

I think that’s for masonry fireplaces.

Here’s my standard disclaimer about manufactured fireplaces–I’m not spending any time researching a specific fireplace in a home:

“According to today’s standards, manufactured fireplaces clearances are determined by the manufacturer. The buyer should consult the manufacturer’s manual or otherwise contact the manufacture to determine if the clearances are adequate. Gas cutoffs are acceptable inside a gas fireplace firebox, if the manufacturer approves it. Consult the manufacturer’s operator’s manual prior to operation of gas logs.”

And if the manufacturer is unknown and documentation is not available, then “recommend further evaluation by a licensed fireplace/chimney professional in conjunction with Item xxx.”

Item xxx is my standard fireplace recommendation for a Level II inspection.

IRC 2003 - R1003.12 - Mantel and Trim. Woodwork or other combustible materials shall not be placed within 6 inches of a fireplace opening. Combustible material within 12" of the fireplace opening shall not project more then 1/8 inch for each 1-inch distance from such opening.

7" X 1/8 = 7/8" the trim piece looks OK to me.

Thanks everyone for the replies, regardless I recommended further eval due to a damaged interor chimney flue and excessive rust on damper. Go figure new home.

Yes, manufacturer’s installation instructions supercede.

I’ve seen instructions for open wood burning firelaces that were more than what I quoted earlier but not less…that’s not to say there aren’t any.

I’ve also seen where sealed glass gas fireplaces could have carpet right up to them.

Manufacturer’s test them and give instructions for a reason. If no instructions are available, I too would defer it.