Manufactured Home Info

Hello All
I am just getting started in this business and would appreciate information on any good books or internet sites with information pertaining to manufactured homes.

Hopeflly Gerry Beaumont will check in here. He probably has the best resources for manufactured homes.

Gerry Beaumont…Yes, he is a great resource…

Here is another:

Hi Dale,

I don’t have any resourses I can direct you to, but feel free to call me to discuss the topic.



I did a bad job of wording my post, didn’t I? I meant to say that Gerry is the resource, not that he has resources. Darn margaritas. :margarit:

Thanks for you responces. There is some good information on those links. Gerry, I appreciate your offer and I may be calling on you.

You may wish to get yourself a download of 24 CFR 3280, Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. It is very comprehensive.

Try here: