Manufactured home main pull

Hi all
I did another manufactured home today and the power was off. The main panel in the home was OFF. There was a large box with just one switch outside that said main 200 and that was still ON visibly. Does that mean there was power still on between the outside main and the inside panel main?
I don’t have pic of the outside.

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Sorry wrong pic

If the exterior was in the “on” position there was power to the lugs on the breaker indoors. unless the meter was off. Mobile homes are required to have an outdoor disconnect like you described.

That is what i thought. I just wanted to hear someone else say it.

Hmmm. No EGC from the service panel?

The ground and the neutral are seperated (floating) and it appears that grounding conductor is sheathed (THHN?) which will run throught conduit to the main service disconnect panel on the exterior at pole. That panel has the EGC that connects to the rods.

The wire is stealth like as it blends in with the other hot conductors…hmmm should have been green…at least some green tape identifying it.

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That conductor looks too small for the equipment grounding conductor (EGC) which should be sized according to 250.122. It should be 6 AWG copper, and as you said, green or bare copper.

The conductor connected to “the rods” is the grounding electrode conductor (GEC), and as you said, it is located at the service disconnect.

Ya, it is hard to tell from the picture, but I think you are right. It is probably only 8 guage. Little too small for the application.

Andy, what is the rating of the interior panel?

My point is the feeders look like 100 amp feeders, the panel looks like a 100 amp panel. So the EGC is sized properly, however the main disconnect should be only 100 amps.