March Best Defect Picture

3. Exterior, defects, IE, exterior cladding defects, etc.3.2

Vote for the Best Defect Picture of your choice.
WRB, flashings & foam board excluded from EIFS system
a lil’ moisture to top it off
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Machine gun siding.
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Exterior steps to deck. Multiple safety defects.
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Innovative use of “Green” building Materials
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Tennants not paying rent…
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Lets tear down the exterior greenhouse/sun room and advertise an exterior attached patio area. Oops…forgot to add flashing or protection against water infiltration where the “patio” attached to the wood frame.
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Carport built around tree with cricket and flashing.
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Attic Pet entries
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Plumber & roofer forgot the flashing boot on new construction.
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continuation of ridge caps up the slope of roof from a dormer to hide mis aligned shingles from both sides of gabled dormer
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I like nails poking out every now and then makes it easier to hang lights up…
And those cracks in the stucco makes it look like an older structure :wink:

siding job…

I guess I should have put a number in the poll too, but I didn’t so count carefully.

This was a difficut post, so try to limit pictures to just one.
The limit of pictures to post this was 25 and I had 27, that is why the two post for the pictures.

Best picture for the Catagory.

Next Month will be:

  1. Foundation-Basement, crawlspaces, defects, IE massive cracks, water intrusion, failure, etc. 3.3
    Remember, only one of your best defect picture for the catagory.


Next month, the names will not be shown, we will just Label it as Pic #1, and soforth.
The names can be found in the original thread anyways and will be simplier to issue the Poll.

Thanks and vote. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel. As you mentioned when you started this contest… a little tweaking would be necessary to smooth out the rough edges. Looks good so far, with only minor adjustments needed. Thanks.

That’s right Jeff, and comments are welcome from anyone to make this better.

Don’t forget to vote. :slight_smile:

some really good pictures…I personally liked the soda can flashing in picture six. and I hope someone was arrested for the so called work done in picture #1

For as long as homeowners are doing the repairs and the shabby contractors, defects are abound. :):wink:

I thought we had to stay on topic?

only 18 people voting???

My personal opinion is… I agree… some of the pic’s belong in the ROOF category, and do not belong in the EXTERIOR category.

As a Committee member, my apologies. We knew there would be some mistakes trying to get all the bugs worked out, and we decided to get it going instead of waiting. Hopefully all the issues will be corrected for next month’s contest. Thanks for everyone’s understanding.

Well, there might have been a couple of roof pictures that slipped by, but sure looks like 11 like the tree in the overhang. :mrgreen::wink:

We need to know why the members won’t vote on this so we can better the program to suit.

We are open to any comments to make this better. We have till the end of the month to see what happens.

Thanks to the ones that took the time to vote. :slight_smile:

Marcel… why is the poll closed?

Don’t know, I had it till the 31st of the month.
When did you notice?

Just now.

It was open yesterday.

Maybe dyslexic… todays the 13th! :wink:

Can you edit???

You didn’t let Barry near the controls did You ?

No Jim, but now I got to figure out a way out of this one. And I don’t have an easy solution at the moment.

wish i could help partner but i’m useless when it comes to puters…

Well since I made somewhat of an error in dating the Poll, I will start Nominations for Best Defect Pictures for Feburary since we missed that one.
Does’t look like any picture would win over the tree in the roof.

So Martin Karl will be considered the winner for March.

So please go here;

And post your Best Defect picture for the catagory.


Thank You!