Nominations for Best Defect Pictures for Feburary

We are now excepting Best Defect Pictures for February.

The catagory of Pictures needed will be your best Defect Picture, and only one please.

  1. Interior, defects, Fireplaces and chimnys IE, water intrusion, etc. 3.10, 3.8

The first 15 entries for the best Defect Award for the Selected Topic, will be chosen to run in the Poll for the month.
Your Best Defect Picture should be original from the poster and taken within the past year from this date.

Remember only one picture to meet the catagory above.

Thanks for your understanding. :):smiley:

Small child’s (basement apartment) bedroom… nice egress window!!! :shock:

Thanks Jeff, do we have any more from other members?:slight_smile:

From house stove vent into garage.

Thanks Greg. :slight_smile:

Looking up the chimney flue from a wood burning fireplace, (from last Friday)

So many problems…



Fall-Hazard [640x480].JPG

Fall-Hazard [640x480].JPG

Wow… was that an attic you were standing in? Carpeted?

This bedroom was used for a kennel…

Flue for the HWT not going to vent well when the chimney is an old clay tile more than 35 feet up.:shock:

We don’t know why our fire alarms do not work. The fire department installed new ones because they could not figure out what was wrong either.

Yes it is a live wire
Yes it is in contact with copper plumbing
Yes it is in contact with paper and wood
Yes it is located under the kitchen sink

Time to repaint the tub again Ma

I wonder where they trying to heat the water???

They had turned this room into a bedroom, apparently for the kids…:roll::shock:](*,)

I have you guy’s all beat with this one.

When space is limited just put half the water heater in the attic. Keep in mind we get a little cold here once in awhile!

OMG!!! Was there no safety latch or anything to prevent a mishap??? :shock:

David, if anything, that is the funniest one I’ve seen. :mrgreen::):wink:

does it have anything to do with this month’s category ?

Hi. Jim, glad you brought that up. That is what I do with the Nominations for running the poll, trying to choose only the one’s that comply with this months catagory.

Unfortunately, this would be an attic Defect covered under 3.9 and will be accepted in Septembers Nominations.

  1. Grading, defects, any type. 3.2

  2. Interior, defects, Fireplaces and chimnys IE, water intrusion, etc. 3.10, 3.8

  3. Exterior, defects, IE, exterior cladding defects, etc. 3.2

  4. Foundation-Basement, crawlspaces, defects, IE massive cracks, water intrusion, failure, etc. 3.3

  5. Roof, defects, IE, crazy roof installations, poor condition, amateur work, etc. 3.1

  6. Electrical, defects, IE, bizarre connections, poor panels, amateur work, etc. 3.7

  7. HVAC, defects, IE, poor condition, amateur installation, dangerous conditions, etc. 3.4,3.5

  8. Plumbing, defects, IE, bizarre water heater installations, amateur installations of any kind, etc. 3.6

  9. Insulation-ventilation, defects, IE, no insulation, massive bird nests, amateur installations, etc. 3.9

  10. Kitchens, defects, IE, bizarre installations, pipes leaking, sink base cabinets rotted beyond your wildest imagination, etc.

  11. Bathrooms, defects, IE, tubs rotted, showers leaking, amateur installations, etc.

  12. Decks, defects, IE, amateur dangerous decks, etc.

Very good pictures and try to follow the catagories.

Thanks. :slight_smile: