"Mark All Read" where is it?

The previous forum had a function that when selected would mark all unread threads as “Read” when you logged out. Essentially it cleared the notifications of new threads and replies and the next time you logged in only those new from last log out are flagged.

Where the hell is this function or does it even exist on this BB??

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I had to ask the same question earlier and I think it was reliable Chuck that helped me, too. :smile:

Chuck thanks but the way that works is you have to go into each area and run the “Dismiss” action every time you log in. With the old forum this is how it would work using the pics below.


  1. Login - You would be notified of any new threads or responses to any threads that might have had comments made on them whether you participated in those threads or not.

  2. Go to the subject areas and see if any topic is of interest. Anything new or with new comments since your last visit would have their thread title in bold.

  3. Logout - When you logged out all topics were marked as “Read” and all notifications both in the main screen and the topic area were reset to eliminate any notifications.

  4. Login - And again only anything newly created or commented on was flagged at the main topic area and each thread to display activity since last login. Hell you could log out and log back in a minute later and everything was cleared unless somebody posted something in that one minute time frame.

Now what I see is the crap in the images above. Every time I log in I get some weird arse notifications for example here in the main screen that there are “6 unread” in the “Misc. Members-Only” topic area. Then when I go down to that topic area is shows a red line saying “last visit” and in this example only one topic above bold with a hundred below it in bold. Where’s the “6 unread”??

So what I am looking for is a universal option to “Mark All Read” when logging out like we used to have.

BTW they also put in a ridiculous option to stop tracking the “New” responses altogether which is quite useless if I want to know if someone has responded to a topic that I did not previously participate in but was watching.

This forum is so FU’ed it is pathetic!

Manny, just stay logged in and it works for me like Chuck described.