Market perfect for inspectors to get rich.

After my inspections tomorrow I’m going to rewrite what Nick originally posted about presale-prelisting inspections, add a few goodies, and reprint another 200 letters and envelopes (with referral rewards and a coupon also included of course) and start my campaign again Tuesday, delivering 50 per day after my inspections to Occupied Houses, either FSBO or general used house salesman listings.

You would certainly think people wanting to sell their homes would go for an inspection, for the life of me I cannot figure out why this isn’t working.

Time for a change in strategy tomorrow night, I think I have some good ideas…:smiley:

Nick’s idea is a good one that has been around for a long long time, but I’m going to figure out a way to sell the hell out of these if it kills me…:smiley:

I hate it when something does not work, so I will keep changing my strategy until it does…:smiley:

It’s your brochure. You have to have a nice one. Here, I created you one:

Nick, I make a six figure salary and never had a brochure, a personal type letter has worked well for me with everything EXCEPT listed home inspections.


I think I have it figured out, so watch the next few days and we will see if my idea indeed will work.

Because I don’t stop when things don’t fall into place, I keep changing my strategy until it “Functions as intended”…:smiley:

I like your GET R DONE attitude. Go for it.

I have gotten a good response with this

I have been doing my marketing in the evening, knocking doors and talking directly with the homeowners if possible.

Hi Dale,

You may want to think about who is your client here. So many home inspection reports are 50% disclaimer and fluff, focus on what the sellers & Realtors perspective is, there has to be something in it for them.

Here is what Greg & I are doing, we have tailored the inspection & report to the two real estate contracts used in Florida. Only items listed will be defects that the seller must disclose and/or correct, plus safety & end of life items. No bull$hit, filler or disclaimer. Here is a hint, if your sellers report runs over eight pages (including pictures) it will never be read.


Nice work, I think what you have created might make a great postcard.


I’m just trying to get presale-listing inspections, none of the stuff.

So the seller will read the report, after I get “ONE” of these inspections I might try the thingy.

I had three inspections today so I have not had a chance to re-write my sales material like I want it…maybe tomorrow night.

But I understand what your talking about.

Hope your fine,


Business is brisk now, I doubt if I will be “Gettin R Done” in the near future.

But the first chance I get I will start putting NEW letters between the front door weather stripping again.

Over 400 of my (Nick’s) letters on houses, not a single call from them.

Damn, you would think at least ONE person would call…odd…really odd…oh well…as me and Brian Kelly talked about recently, we think most sellers don’t want to know if there is anything wrong with their house for sale, because their probably just about ready to put cold steel in their mouths before the banks take um back, let alone pay for any repairs.

It seems to be the common wisdom that I hear, that most sellers
inspections go for high end homes that are already a show case.

I believe in pre listing inspections, but have only done a few in
nine years of inspecting. But, I only inspect one way and that
does not always help the sell go through.

I would like to do more commerical inspection like you do
Dale, but way out here in east Texas there are not too many
to be done.

Ever since the local possum plant shut down, there aint bin
much of them thar metl typ sheds fur sall en thes heer prts…:mrgreen:

Get-er-done. People think we are joking, but we really do
talk like this out heer in Gods red neck country…:smiley:

(you know your a red neck when your family tree does not
have any branches…:shock:… Lord help us…!!!)

Yep, I can’t give them away here, and I hate giving my time away…:lol:

You have me beat, I’ve never done one…:shock:

You can’t beat major components only for a couple grand and a half day of work…:smiley:

Monday’s inspection…:smiley: