Marketing: Get your inspection services in the face of local prospects every morning.

Inspector marketing idea.

Brilliant idea, that is what I like. Someone else marketing for me, I do not have time to hand stuff out.

Now I need a coffee shop.

Rumor is that one of our members is already doing this all over…

Ft. Myers. :wink:

Dats me…

This is what we give out though. It has a push top to keep it from spilling, pretty neat. I like them. People like their coffee and tea and we give it to them.


I know, I know…on these hot days who wants coffee or tea? Actually many people do, but for those who want water. We put it in a coozie, keeps it cool, keeps peoples hands from getting wet and leaves no water rings on the table…


But Russ…I need to write a check, do you have a pen?

Go ahead and keep it!


Russ, If I get one more business card from the Realtor, Insurance, Bank, Appraiser, Inspector, Termite, Sewer, Cable…damn all these cards.

Well to make it easy…here is a Comprehensive Building Consultants Business card holder. Always put the refeering persons card first (if they have one) and mine second…



Russ all the damn papers and jotting small notes, I have the pen, do you have something to write on? Just a little pad or something?

Well of course we do…here is a little leather binder for you to keep you small items in.

Well of course I do, and please keep and use it.



Damn Russ those are kinda small, you got anything bigger?

Well, Duh…of course this is a legal sized pad to keep all your information and papers in.


What size is that room again? Well here use and keep a 25 foot tape measure…with what else? My name on it!




Well it is rainy season here and we meet the clients, Realtors and guests at their car with…what else, but a Comprehensive Building Consultants Umbrella…Don’t worry, just keep it in your car and use it later as well.


Damn sorry for all the stuff you got…I have no where for you to…O wait just one minute…I have a brief case to keep all that stuff…What kind of case is it?

Its a Comprehensive Building Consultants Brief case…


Well since we take care of all the people involved in the transaction, and we greatly respect the sellers. We put one of these at the garage door, front door and rear door, so that the clients can walk freely without worry of having messy shoes.

Guess who loves it the most? The sellers it shows respect for their house.

Guess who will be looking for a house soon and need a home inspector?



That’s it! I’m done with the inspection business. I wanna be your marketing material retailer.:slight_smile:

And then finally…when people are walking the neighborhood who wouldn’t stop and look at a TV mounted in a truck?

More advertising…





So its just a little more than a paper cup of coffee…

So we do a bit more than a paper cup of coffee…

Holy crap. What company does all that for you