Marketing plans if I don't choose franchise...

Hi everyone! I hope I’m posting in the correct place. My husband is about to retire from the military in a year or so. We wanted to start our company now so that we have his income as were getting established. He is very knowledgable with construction/contracting. He plans on doing all of the training on this website.

He wants to do a franchise to get the marketing assistance and I’d rather start our own company.

With that said, how do you market when you’re brand new? Any tips? We are in an up and coming area and while there are many inspectors that service our county, none actually are based out of here. They’re all from the city.

I know there are shirts, pens, car decals, etc. But how do you initiate contact with realtors and “get in the door?” Are there any tips or suggestions?

We have $30k and I really would rather invest in our own company then pay a franchise fee. Thanks in advance!! I know you all had to figure it out on your own but I’m trying to decide between franchise or no franchise so any input would be greatly appreciated:)

Call me I’m retired Air Force. I’ll explain some things to you guys.

Thank you! When would be a good time to call. Much appreciated!

I’m up now if you guys are otherwise try Friday morning I’m booked all day tomorrow.

You may also call me. I’m an Air Force brat, but more importantly, I started as a HomeTeam franchise in 2001 and, since July 2007, have been a sole proprietor, so I can talk to you about advantages and disadvantages of both avenues. 619-341-0173, San Diego.

What area are you in … Makes a difference on training if they’re licensed where you are. If in a licensed state, not all training is recognized FOR licensure.

Marketing can also vary by location … What works in one area OR is allowed in one area may not work or be allowed somewhere else.

Here’s a tip most others don’t even think about until they hang their shingle… begin to build your website and internet presence TODAY! Once live, Google will place your site in their “sandbox” until they deem it genuine and worthy of being shown in the top 10 pages. Your site can ‘sit’ there for up to a year (or more) at which time it is rarely seen in standard searches. Read through this MB history as there are many great threads, a few in particular from Dominic Maricic of Home Inspector Pro report software and dedicated inspector websites/hosting. Get a domain name based on SEO not personal vanity, follow and enact the tips you read, and you could cut that “sandbox” time drastically! Good luck.

Thank you! Tomorrow will work.

Thank you all for your responses! I appreciate your responses and advice!

All good suggestions and comments I would add that learning reporting software is also a do it ahead of time process. There are several top grade software products out there and many threads on this message board on them. I can say personally that Home Inspector Pro and Dominic Maricic have provided me with all the tools and support to develop an effective presence on Google and to have a very well received report from clients, all with exceptional service from the team at HIP when I ran ino difficulties with building the site myself. When I started I was only a little time from using a rotary dial phone and totally unfamiliar with any aspect of internet sites. Good Luck with the venture.

Which is at least one reason to go the franchise route since they already have their franchise web sites at the beach playing in the sand instead of still in that sandbox.


Q: Are Franchisee’s allowed to have an independent website?

Generally, yes. I had several while with HomeTeam, but they didn’t get near the traffic that the already-there-HomeTeam web site got.

With those franchises that are well established–HomeTeam, WIN, Pillar to Post, AmeriSpec…–one won’t be able to make a new web site do what those established web sites already do.

What do you mean by “Marketing plans if I don’t choose a franchise?” Inspectors who buy franchises have to do more marketing, not less.

I’ll disagree with you on that, Nick.

I think they “get to” do more marketing for two reasons: (1) They are excited about their new business, and (2) All of the marketing materials, ready and time-tested, are there to use on day one.

And I wouldn’t expect them to, but it would already be in place and ‘aged’ if one ever decided to break away from the franchise. Couldn’t hurt for a tiny amount of $$. Just thinking towards the future.

Absolutely, and that’s exactly why I had several web sites. And back in 2001, it wasn’t exactly a “tiny amount of $$.”

With GPI we have the freedom to make as many websites as we wish. We can also alter our main site any way we wish. I change/add/delete my website content on a monthly basis for SEO or just to add a newsletter.

I wasn’t aware of that. The whole bonus to a franchise was their established business and connections with agencies as far as what they claim. Thanks!