I am recently NACHI certified. Been in the home inspection business in the Cleveland area almost 2 years. I am looking for ideas to market my business with little cash flow. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Start by working on your website. One of the items is to get it compliant with iNachi’s terms of Membership. See below:

Note to members of other associations:

Members of other associations are welcome to join InterNACHI but a requirement of membership is that InterNACHI must be given equal prominence in your marketing (brochures and websites) as other associations you belong to.

When you have that squared away, I (suggest) you do some research, and correct your pricing strategy. Will you really inspect a home (oh, let’s say 7200sft) for $285.00 ??? I find it difficult for anyone to take you seriously. Don’t mean to sound harsh, but that price screams NEWBIE !!!

Next… read all the threads on this MB relating to SEO. Follow the advice given, and you will come a long way in your marketing.

Next… read all the threads on this MB relating to marketing. That should keep you busy for a long time.

Good luck,

$285? It would be $228 with the 20% discount.

I’d invest in HomeGauge or Home Inspector Pro first. Embedded, digital pictures are pretty standard in the industry.