Material Identification

What material is the soil stack manufactured from?
Thank you in advance for your replies.

Looks like Transite piping, which would be an asbestos & cement-based pipe.


how old is the house, where is it ?

Here it is something similar (less grainy) from 1985:

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Thanks. Building. 1920’s. Totally renovated factory to hotel then, now a high end codo unit.
I reported, cement soil pipe. CSA stamp on pipe. Kitec fittings on domestic water supply tubing.

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Looks like it holds up good! How thick is the wall on that piping or is it a shell over another material, somebody had done some repairs with fern-co fittings, it must cut descent and not be brittle if they reinstalled the trap. Curiosity questions, I realize it has nothing to do with inspecting(I had to state that so I did not get the response of “what does it matter”)

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What does it matter…LOL! :grinning:

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Greg, what you mentions does matter. During a typically/usually/normal home/building inspection, to the involved, we observe support, fittings, clearance and yes pipe thinness, if noted on the pipe wall and if/when sub standard, does matter. Like AWG, American Wire Gauge for electrical, Sheathing thickness for roof decks and walls or fire suppression for drywall, sheet metal and so one and so on.
Keep up the great work.


Few years back I described similar pipe material as cement/ asbestos.
Everything was in perfect working condition but word asbestos scared the buyer away from this particular transaction.

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I concur. Asbestos scares people.
Realistically, it should not impede the sale of a home when in good condition even if it does contain asbestos. The asbestos is encapsulated in the concrete. Fibers trapped from becoming airborne.

I know but we have big asbestos removal industry in NY and NJ with the big resources to scare the people off. They taking big advantage anyway they can.


Similar to the dramatically overrated danger of passive smoking. Nobody dares to argue publicly. You can read articles, that it’s worse than first hand smoke.

The new Mould/Mold scare.

Realistically, it should not impede the sale of a home when in good condition even if it does contain asbestos. I agree,

However, buyers in NY are hesitant in buying homes with assumed asbestos material. Reason?. Once observed by utility company workers who may visit to read meters or for servicing gas, water or electric supply they will decline to go into the area or perform any work due to their employer work policy and the employer fear of a lawsuit if the employee seffer from asbestosis in years later.

While asbestos is not within home inspection, I always alert my client to assumed asbestos material and recommend further evaluation by an EPA license Asbestos Inspector. (I never use the word asbestos, always use ASSUMED ASBESTOS MATERIAL).

Hemwant, I assume nothing! Poor advice.
It is upon the inspectors due diligence to his clients, and to the industry, to recommend a material assessment followed by an accredited laboratory analyses be ascertained when suspect materials are observed and know what the labels mean
It is upon the inspectors due diligence to his clients, and to the industry, to take images of labeling on pipe walls.
Don’t scare clients. Inform them.

Our Motto: Putting Information Where You Need It Most, “In Your Hands.”

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Let me go one step further.
A client informed me a contractors employee got sick from inhaling mold and to have the crawlspace inspected and analysed. I had been in the space for 20 minutes crawling from back to front. No visible signs of mold/mould. Ambient RH ><55% in the crawlspace.
PPE. I worked construction for decades. PPE. No PPE, no insurance/compensation.
Municipal workers enter toxic environments regularly. Its upon their safety protocol to sample and continually measure and monitor atmospheric conditions. PUSH BACK!

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I was in a home for about 20 min. not knowing at the moment that it was cover in mold.
The next day I was in the emergency room with mold poisoning…It took several months before my lungs cleared…Not fun at all.
Remember I was only in there about 20 min…

So sorry to here that buddy.
Next time ware PPE or refuse to inspect when conditions are adverse. Mine cost 300.00.

I didn’t realise it …When I did it was to late.

I to have been stricken ill for mould/mold.
My ears bleed, happened 2 times. I was knocked out for >< 7 days each time. Wow!
To dumb to go to the hospital.

You know what they say, Roy. “What does not kill you only makes you stronger.”
Not sure about that. I will know for sure once I talk to some dead people.:thinking:

Now I use full PPE, ‘suite and mask’ if the area looks contaminated.
I avoid the area all together. Limitations.

Happy you are well and in good spirits friend.
Roy Lewis, You’re The Best!