Max distance - bottom of pull chain to floor chain

Kind of esoteric question: I did an inspection with a fan/light attached to a 10 ft ceiling. My reach, flat footed, is 8 ft and I could not reach either pull chain. I could not find this info on multiple internet searches.

Any info out there on max distance?


IMO… 6’8" (no ‘Code’, just opinion)

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No code. Most wire it to switches in the wall and use a remote. They do however make an extension rod with a hook to grab higher mounted pull chains (as in foyers).

I don’t have the exact information you asked for, but here’s my esoteric take on the situation.

Unless someone else has an answer to the question, I may mention it in the report, and use similar language you already used in your question: My flat footed reach is 8’, and I couldn’t reach the pull chain, so most people of average height would not reach it either.

It would definitely be a nice gesture to at the very least, verbally point it out.

Dont have an answer to your question, but I have a really high ceiling & ceiling fan in my bedroom and we got these nifty pull chain extensions with a little fan and lightbulb at the end to identify the chains! It saves me a couple seconds every night because I don’t have to follow the chains up to the fan to see which is which. :ok_hand:

Fan Pull Chain Extension


I would never write that up, they could add an aftermarket remote control or a longer chain or whatever.


This is not a significant defect or safety issue which the homeowner can’t remedy by adding or cutting it shorter to meet their needs. The appliance works just fine (I assume), just because the client may or may not have ADA issues, is not a HI Report issue required.

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I would report I was unable to operate the fan because I could not reach the chain, that’s it :smile: