Switch Height?

Did a condo today and all the light switches were 36" high. I know switches are normally 48", is this a recommendation or a requirement?
How would you write it up, is this a big issue? The thermostats for the electric baseboard heating were lower than normal also, just above the switches.

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There is no switch height requirement, maximum or minimum.

The only times I have seen non-standard switch heights is home-owner specials and a new build that claimed to be ADA compliant. Unfortunately the plumbers and cabinet guys didn’t get the memo and everything else was at standard heights,



Their is a switch height requirement as it pertains to HEIGHT…

Article 404.8 ( I will ONLY quote the MEAT of the requirement )

" They ( being switches either all switches or circuit breakers ) SHALL BE installed so that the center of the grip of the operating handle of the switch or circuit breaker, when in its highest position, is not more than 6’ 7" above the floor or working platform."

The safety aspect of this is many use snap switches as disconnects for items and if it can’t be reached it can’t function safely. Their are some exceptions to this for motors and some applicances…but in general no switch over 6’7" is allowed.

However, as a issue a HI would write up…I would not be overly concerned on this unless it was a standard light switch up over 7-8 feet…which is just wrong as well…as always the CODE is simply to explain the methodology and NOT something you QUOTE…

But I figured you would like to know the regulations on that fact.

Well sure, there’s that one :wink:

I wasn’t sure if that section was really applicable, but reading further, it certainly is.

There are also references for access by people with disabilities (in the CEC) with a maximum height of 48 inches.

Yep…We gotta make sure the handicaped are covered as well…Most Certainly…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the input.

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