Ceiling Fan Clearance?

Anyone have any idea what the safety clearance is for residential ceiling fans - Floor to Blades.

The one I did today is at 6FT.

I was told draining the last earth quake in California more people where hurt with falling ceiling fans then any other way . Many where installed with out the safety cable hooked up .
Google search got the following . think yours was too low .

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Ceiling Fan Height



Set fan clearance at 9 feet above the floor if possible (if this is not possible, maintain a minimum clearance of 7 feet. This will help you and your family avoid injuries. Conversly, don’t fit the ceiling fan too snugly to the ceiling; doing so will prevent it from circulating air properly.

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Around here the average wickiup has 8 foot ceilings–nearly one foot for the fan leaves little room for lights. It’s O.K. over a bed, but if one must walk under the fan…

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I would imagine that since doorways are mostly at 6’ 8" and stairwell clearance is code at 6’8", that it would be prudent and loggical to assume that a fan is no lower than 6’8". Right. ???

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I have 5 and all are 7 feet 7 inches .If under 7 feet and you go to put on a T shirt it could be hard on your knuckles . I am only 5 feet 9 inches and can touch over 7 feet so I would be carefull with your recommendations .
They could come back to haunt you .
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I see this alot when the room has an 8 foot ceiling height. 7 FT minimum. If it is installed over a bed I will make mention of it.

Most every residential fan has a label stating that the blades should be no lower than 7’ from the floor.
IMO one at 6’ to the blades is too low. Since we must follow mfg instructions code says it is too low as well.

Roy, what “safety cable” are you referring to? I have installed literally hundreds of ceiling fans. The only ones that have tethers are commercial “warehouse” fans with the metal blades. And those say “Not for residential use”.
I have NEVER seen a residential grade fan with a safety cable.

Some ceiling fans are designed for low clearence or sometimes called low profile fans. I don’t know what is code is but I would side on safety first.

The only NEC height requirements I can find for paddle fans, is for installations over pools and/or spas.

I would check with manufacturers recommendations as I don’t think this is addressed by building codes.

How high are your ceilings??

Most of the older homes here (pre-1900) have ceilings 9-12 feet high. But that’s to have a place for the heat to go in the summer. (They were really hard to heat in the winter.)

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Thats it Jeff, the fans come with instructions that state 7’, so 110-3(b) would come into play here. I was once failed at final for 2 fans with blade heights at 83" AFF. I had to change them both to huggers.

The manufacturer’s installation instructions gets the nod again!..they must test this stuff…huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I guess it a requirement here in Canada ,
All fans come with a cable looks like a heavy steel leader you would use in fishing for Pike .
Some of our laws are not the same as the USA example Grounds wires are kept separate from Neutrals
every where except in the Main panel in the home .
Roy Cooke

When I sold ceiling fans back when Builders Square was still around, I always suggested flush mounted fans on standard ceilings. Most manufactures suggested to mount fans no closer than 6-8" from the ceiling and on high, cathedral or vaulted ceilings no more than a 4’ down rod with blades having 6-8" minimum clearance from all obstructions keeping the fan blades no closer to the floor than 80". I would say 84" though because of possible fan wobble and built in light fixture clearance for door swing.

I’m with Roy on this one. All the fans I have installed have a safety cable on them. S’posed to be attached firmly to a framing member with a screw, usually provided. I have had my knuckles rapped on more than one occasion putting on a t shirt. Smarts.

Obviously a Canada thing. We do NOT have those here on resi fans.

The US just wants a fan rated box