Sidewalk Paint for Trip Hazard

FYI - I have run into this situation multiple times where a sidewalk meets a steep driveway. The sidewalk step-down onto the driveway varies in height. Ideally the first 3 to 4 feet of the driveway should have sloped down 2% then what ever slope is needed to match the street. That way the sidewalk could be sloped 2% to meet the driveway. The 2% slope is the ADA maximum cross slope for a sidewalk. I typically take my inspection photo and use software to add yellow safety paint 6 to 8 inches back from the end and insert it back into the report for reference. In this case the city inspector and the contractor did not think ahead. The trick is to apply 50% transparency to the yellow color to allow the concrete texture to bleed through, that way the paint looks more realistic.



Thats sharp!

Hey Randy,
I applied your method to a picture of a similar defect and it turned out pretty good. Thanks for the tip.


Looks good, Bert! And, I’m sure got the point across well. :smile:

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Look realistic Bert.

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