McDonalds,Burger King,etc all have secret menu's

For the last few years i have been in on a Chicago secret.
Three years ago they stopped selling the triple stack at $1.99 around here,but I kept ordering them.

Sometimes when going to a different location the register teen gives me a blank look ,but I ask for the manager and it gets rung up for the same price every time.

Well it turns out many of these places have a secret menu.

Check out the list and dream of a Monster Mac.
Yes it is included.:slight_smile:

Oh yeah… there are some nice coupons links.
Maybe you can pass them out to clients,Hmmmmmmmm

100x100 at In & Out… Wow…

Taco Bell… Chicken Enchirito with Green Sauce… not even on this list…

This list is definitely not for the calorie counters.

I love the looks of the Monster Mac at Mickey D’s. I’ll have to attempt to order this…

Pretty soon the attic hatch will look like a mouse hole if you follow those menus.

McGangBang??? :shock:

It will be a matter of time before Michelle Obama finds out about this and has Demwit do a congressional investigation.

I think most fast food chains will pretty much make what you want, for a price.
I know on my daily hot fudge sundae I always ask for extra fudge… sometimes I wonder I even ask for the ice cream.

Now THAT"S my kinda triple-double-chocolate-super-extra Hot Fudge…

I didn’t even know they came with ice cream…how novel.

Thins the chocolate too much, though.