Theoretically;-), if you had a meeting with a State Senator, what would you tell him and or ask him? Specifically about Home Inspections and Insurance inspections? :wink: I need to know right now, theoretically! :wink:

Ask him if I can be in charge of wind mits for the oir. :slight_smile: feel free to give him my contact info. Have fun.

Just say what’s on your mind about our profession…When I met you and Michelle at the Insurance Meeting I was very impressed on the way you handle yourself…You know whats wrong and what’s been happening to Home Inspectors and the insurance Industry…

Write down your comments before hand and hand over a copy when done

Try not ask questions… they only lead to B.S. responses and there answers are to ambiguous anyway

Remember your time will be limited so get to the facts right away

bring a tape recorder

Don’t accept any money…they will try to buy you off to go away

Remind him that we are small business also trying to put food on the table

Remind him we were just fine without Licensing

tell him about the ce’s and citizen’s insurance and how we get $55.00 for the reinspections that we normally would get $150.00 for

Bring Michelle with you

Don’t bring Meeker

Ditto for Russ unless you need some muscle…then only use him when you start to get the reacharound, I mean runaround.

Let me know if any of this helps

Good points:o:)

What would you recommend for changes in the industry? IN 30 mins or less:shock:

Ask him if I can be in charge of wind mits for the oir. :slight_smile: feel free to give him my contact info. Have fun.

I guess I’ll cancel my helecopter flight.

I am still to wet behind the ears to be recommending any changes (3 yrs) I will leave that up to the more experience inspectors… I wouldn’t be worried about changes until the politicans know who we are and not listen to their lobbyist about how a contractor, engineer, architect are better qualified than us.

It’s time like this that I wish Gerry Beaumont was around.

Looks like everyone is working John…good luck…you don’t need help…If your nervous, don’t be…they are just like you and me just different agendas

Just like them politicians not giving you enough time to prepare

Approving HI’s for citizens reinspectionx

John, Be prepared to share stats. Like how many you are representing and how we could help him. Thank you for you effort

The way I would approach it is what is RIGHT and Beneficial to the customer. That would be my #1 point. Not what YOU want, what your INDUSTRY wants. But what you can do to provide a service that is beneficial to each and every citizen of Florida.

Why not have insurance inspection done by private companies, plain and simple. I know this cuts into your pie, but instead of an insurance agent calling, why do they not give three names or something like that. Ensure the person is unbiased and has no financial gain as to the findings or have a state approved list for the people to call from.

In this economic climate it appears that there is no profession that does not have a gain in their findings except for the Inspection Industry. An Air Conditioning professional is no longer a technician at all, he is a salesman and his salary is typically tied into up selling. The same with plumbers, electricians and almost all professions nowadays that perform “service” calls.

I would discuss the monopoly that the present insurance inspection configuration poses and that our profession can give a detailed thorough report without the need of 3 or 4 tiers of the prices getting cut. This then would be a saving PASSED ALONG TO THE citizen and NOT to the companies who in effect do very little for the income they obtain. Why not support 100’s of small business’s in small ways instead of one small business in a large way.

I would then state that the Inspection professionals should never have financial gains in their findings. I would then state the new septic law coming into affect, how Radon mitigation systems are just “thrown” in without any oversight. Then state that would it not be beneficial to have all areas that need “Inspected” to be inspected by people who are not financially tied to the finding of the systems?

Ask why our SOP is being written by a very few people and NOT a whole bunch of people or a board chosen of its peers. Then ask if Licensed Home Inspectors can vote on a board that would represent Home inspectors with FREC and DBPR. NOT APPOINTED, voted on and voted IN. (with NACHI being the biggest) we should be able to get our people in, No?

The people presently APPOINTED were done so without any input from the actual inspectors themselves. Is there a way to change this?

Hell I will thing of more later…just some ideas. But no matter what you say it has to be said as what is in it for every citizen and not YOU and YOUR profession…in my opinion.

To all:

I think it is done and over with.
I believe he needed input immediately.


Please tell us all about it.

He already saw him?

I believe so. It seemed like it was going down very soon based on his comments.

Actually, tomorrow!!!

Russell beat me to my basic thought. The very nature of the inspection industry is to OBSERVE AND REPORT. Although we have a client paying us we are bound by a code of ethics to observe, report and let the report speak for itself. This may upset other people with a financial interest in the outcome, and sometimes even upset are own clients but we are paid to report on what we observe and paid for nothing else.

Home Inspections as an industry is less than 30 years old.
It is made up of a mixture of 1 man businesses and small businesses. Over the past 30 years through several trade organizations inspectors have developed this idea of OBSERVE AND REPORT and be completely unbiased at all times.

Oh yea! Realtors!..Realtor organizations (NAR) should have 0 input in what goes into a home inspection report. They have a strong lobby that is only interested in getting the deal closed not providing the the buyer with a complete inspection.
14 day inspection clause should be mandatory. it allows time for the inspection and any repair estimates by others.

Sorry to all my bad. I apologize.

Aplogize for what. We have to learned to love ya…but never listen to ya. :slight_smile:

I was just thinking you all were waisting time giving it thought when it already happened.


How about mentioning Floridians need a Phone # to report fraud and such on the insurance inspections and actually have someone investigate and pursue complaints.

The OIR should have someone answering phone calls from anyone from agents,inspectors or customers who have questions that need to be answered. Then provide real answers.