Members in need of mentors for "ride along requirements"

Location: 20187 zip code.
I reached out to my fellow InterNachi members in my zipcode requesting assistance to settle the required 25 ride-alongs to obtain the VA license.
I have had no offers to date.
Anyone out their wants to lend a hand?
Ron Zavattieri.

Time is money.
What ya offering those willing to assist and take on the liability?
Yes, if you are on site, there is liability involved.

Nothing is for free that’s easy:)…

This is the email I have sent.
I also attach a photo of my certifications /liability waiver/ personal photo.
My name is Ron Zavattieri.
I recently completed at CPI the 70 hour course and then passed NAHI.
I also met the requirements from InterNachi as a certified CPI.

I now require 25 ride-alongs with a seasoned professional such as yourself to acquire my VA license.

I want to make clear I have NO desire to hand a sign out of my own.
I am fully committed to working for an individual or a larger organization on a part time basis.
I am currently employed full time. My current employment has always permitted me to work from home, which will work towards my advantage when scheduling ride-alongs.

I have attached images of my certifications, a photo of myself as well as a Release from Liability I will sign.

I fully recognize that your time is valuable. I would like very much to offer you $100.00 cash for each individual inspection I can accrue toward the 25 needed.

I want to assure you

*I will listen,watch and learn as you will be performing every aspect of the inspection.
I will not converse with the client
I will not pepper you with any questions
I will not climb on roofs, nor place a ladder on the eves of the roof at this time [this would be my liability]
I will not  enter crawl spaces [this would be my liability]
I will provide my own transportation,food and drink
I will provide my own foot coverings
I will dress appropriately and be groomed

Looking very much from hearing from you.

Ron Zavattieri