mentoring for ride along inspections

Hello I’m a new member to internachi.Ive already completed all my required courses. I’m from massachusetts. Looking to find someone in my area to allow me some ride along time to get my associates then my full license. Total of 125 ride alongs. Any ideas how to go about that. I’ve tried and tried and have been unsuccessful. I am able to inspect in Rhode Island but not mass. Appreciate any input on this. Thank you.

125 ride alongs? :shock: Wow that is strict.

Look farther away from you home many do not want to teach some one in their area .
Be prepared to pay them a reasonable amount they could spend up to one hour extra on each training /inspection.
This is money well spent the knowledge you pick up is very important and cuts down on how soon you can be doing inspections … Roy… Been there done that

Mass is a pain in the butt.

John, you may be able to get a job in a multi-inspector firm, one willing to train…