Mentor/Ride Along

Hello - My name is David Kingsley and I am completing my education to eventually become a licensed home inspector in Northeast Ohio. I am hoping to find an InterNACHI member that would be willing to mentor me through a number of ride alongs. I will conduct myself with the utmost professionalism and ask questions when appropriate. I am willing to travel far out of my market to gain this valuable experience. I look forward to hearing from InterNACHI members and appreciate any help you can offer. - David

David, contact some CMIs or CPIs within 40 to 50 miles, or closer, to your area and communicate with them. Maybe one, or more, will help you. Some inspectors feel as though they are training their competition by ride-alongs or mentoring.

Here is the link: Find a Certified Master Inspector®

And the link for CPIs: Find Certified Home Inspectors Near You - InterNACHI®

P.S. Welcome to our forum. Enjoy!

Thank you Larry for helping to make the networking that much more convenient and efficient. Both links include some great resources. I will follow up.


You’re welcome, David… :smile: