Mentoring Again

Well folks, Just finished my mentoring in Victoria B.C. and it was great. I’m the one who posted awhile ago. Boy I sure learned a lot working with a Pro. I’m now glad they put it in the criteria to become an Inspector. Communication especially. It plays a huge part at the end of the job and relating to the Client. I would like to Thank Tony Braid of All-Points Home Inspections. He even did it for free. His background is very extensive and he’s doing three everyday and wants to do just 3. Always working. Thanks as well to all you folks who put with my past pestering for a mentor. Paperwork and mail and I’m a Candidate. Very exciting.
Tom :smiley:

Congratulations - good to hear a success story.

What Claude said!
BTW Tony sounds like a stand up guy!

Hats off to Tony!

…and the # 1 thing you learned was?

Always remember to check above you. I kept missing a lot of things just by not looking up. He even tagged along letting me inspect, then compare his notes to mine, and it was amazing what I missed, just by not looking up in the interior part of the inspection.

Now that you have learned how and what to inspect you have to relay
your findings to your client in terms that they can understand in clear
language. Its like learning to ride a bicycle: 5 minutes to get your balance
and a lifetime of falling down and getting up and riding again.

T.Neyedli CHI(P)
BPCPA 47827

Thanks Terry, Appreciate the helpful inputs