Ride along and Exam Advice

(Nate Banducci) #1

Hi- I am feeling a little stuck. I have finished my courses and need to take the exam. I have taken many many practice tests but want to be as prepared as possible. Any recommendations for the exam and more importantly, any suggestions for how to find someone that I can ride along with? Thanks in advance.

(Todd Taje) #2

It would help if you tell us where you are located. Also if you search the website there are links to inspectors in all areas that can administer your test. A ride along may be a bit more difficult to find as you are essentially competition for the other inspectors.

(Robert Carter) #3

If you’re taking about taking the NHIE the InterNACHI app is good. Make sure you buy the NHIE study guide and read it several times. I made about 400 of my own flash cards and studied for 2 months. It is not an easy test. I got the NHIE practice test book too which also helped. The InterNACHI courses are great and I did all those too but the NHIE book is a big help.

(Todd Macsisak) #4

I am in same boat here in western massachusetts . cannot find an inspector in ct. Or massachusetts . there has to be a easier way than this.

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