Merchant Circle- Free!

I am using a free service on the net that links to local businesses and allows people to find you on the net- free- including newsletters, blogs, referrals, coupons, etc. Simply go to:

If you want to see the 3 circles I have developed, they are:

Again these are the free links, and there was no enrollment fee, no commitment fee, and they even offer you ad point credits if you want a pay service- check it out…free

Hey Bill,
I signed up an account with Merchant Circle a few weeks ago. No calls or anything yet (but it is free). Have you had any results?

Why are you pushing this so hard? I received four emails for this yesterday, three from you, all from different email addresses and one from Len Ungar.

Offers, information and ads are one thing, but four in one day, from four different email addresses, when three are from the same person, wouldn’t you call that spamming?

Leonard Ungar - Leonard of All Around Home Inspections invites you to join MerchantCircle

ny educator - ny educator of Hauppauge Real Estate School invites you to join MerchantCircle - of Merrell Institute invites you to join MerchantCircle - of Appraisal Education Network School invites you to join MerchantCircle

What gives?


Hi Fred:

Am trying to consolidate all accounts into 1 since I own all 3 schools. Sorry that they sent you any directed e-mails. I put it into the system 1 time.

I thought that anything that adds to the marketing efforts of NACHI members is a good thing, and gets the word out about your product.

Your e-mail has been deleted from the system. I still think you would benefit from joining merchant circle free of charge. Again just my opinion. but it seems to be working with hundreds of thousands of merchants and professionals, they must be doing something right. There is a simple process to ask to be automatically taken off any and all future merchant circle e-mails as well. It is on the bottom of the e-mail you received.

Questions, call me. Have a great day.


PS: This is the bulk system we use to communicate with everyone who is listed in the yellowpages, we host.

Hi Greg,
I’ve signed up also. I’ll let you know if this helps, but I believe its just another small slice of the types of advertising that we need to maintain a
constant vigil on…
Nice to see you at the monthly NACHI meeting.
Here’s hoping we have a great convention this coming week.

Thanks for the information Bill. Very easy, GREAT POST!!!

Thinkin’, always thinkin’

I am there :smiley: If any of you have signed up for this free service, please feel free to send me a request to be added to my Merchants list. Good job Bill :slight_smile:

Thanks Fellow NACHI Members:

As I have said during classes, this unto itself is not going to make anyone rich, but it will increase your presence on the net, free of charge. If someone does not like the service, simply delete it, since it is free and it does work!

Much luck and success.

Bill Merrell

I was wrong and re-acted too quickly. Please accept my apology. I tried to edit my post but for some reason I can’t.

Again, I am sorry. :frowning:


Thanks Fred- All the best!


I wanted to let NACHI members know about which is a free internet VOIP telephone services for those in the network and as low as 2 cents per minute for regular phone calls to traditional and wireless systems

?'s - go to it’s free!

you can set up a circle of members and all calls to and from are free- I use a usb phone for under $ 25 so I get to use a traditional telephone rather than haedset and speakers.

All the best!