Message Board Question

Is this message board visible to everyone or only CMI members?

If not…

Is there a secure forum limited to only CMI members?

This forum is open to all. A bunch of CMIs have their own forum somewhere, but I don’t know where it is.

I believe Hank took it down a while ago because there wasn’t any activity on it and it was consuming server space.

I recently ran out of brochures and was wondering how successful CMI marketing is going for CMI members. Also has there been any interest in joint marketing among inspectors within a local area. I’m thinking of something like Greater Tampa Bay Certified Master Inspectors, comments?

You do it, and I’ll personally make the project a success. I’m on my way to Tampa now, let me get a ticket.

OK, what is my first step?

I don’t know. All I know is that group marketing works, especially with licensing coming into FL in July.

Joe, are any of these FL CMIs buddies of yours?

Here is the local list, I know four besides me, Gerry Beaumont, Joseph J. Mazzara, Michael W. Yeager (ASHI), Robert G. Botts.

Gerry Beaumont, CMI
Gerry Beaumont Consulting
Clearwater, FL
(727) 403-8771

Joseph J. Mazzara, CMI
Certified Home Inspection
Indian Rocks Beach, FL
(727) 224-3122

Michael W. Yeager, CMI
Buyer’s Choice Home Inspection
Lutz, FL
(813) 263-4753

Robert G. Botts, CMI
All Pro Home Inspection Services, Inc.
Riverview, FL
(813) 672-0997

Joseph T. Burkeson, CMI
Square-One Inspection Service, LLC
Riverview, FL
(813) 864-7697

Jim Ungar, CMI
Lighthouse Property Inspection Services, Inc.
Sarasota, FL
(941) 504-9381

Roger B. Chewning, CMI
Chewning Inspection Services, Inc.
Tampa, FL

Bruce R. Dister, CMI
Tampa, FL

John R. Payne, CMI
Chewning Inspection Services, Inc.
Tampa, FL
(813) 962-4392

Samuel Rivera, CMI
Gulf Coast Property Inspections, Inc.
Tampa, FL
(813) 335-7156

Herschel A. Shirley, CMI
Chewning Inspection Services, Inc.
Tampa, FL
(813) 962-4392

Joe, I’ll personally pay to have a CMI brochure designed and printed for ya all. All I ask is that you confirm with these guys that they want it done and that they each email me their exact contact info that they want on the brochure. I’ll have it done and a case shipped to you in a week or so after receiving.

Hey what about me here in SW Florida in the Lee and Collier county area? I will travel to Tampa for the meetings…

I’ll personally pay to develop and print CMI brochures for any group of 6 or more.

Meetings for what?