Metal chimney flashing

How are metal chimneys, like this one, flashed?
I almost never see signs of leakage. This one was at a '59 house, housing asbestos transit pipe in attic.

Thanks in advance. Keep cool out there.

The whole thing is a giant flashing…:slight_smile:
Looks like that one might leak from the uphill patching in the future.

Not sure about that schedule 40 flashing either.

Even if that was a metal chase it would need flashing and counter flashing. The materials would be the choice of the builder but they need flashing. I am going to zoom in on the photo.

That is a full brick chimney.
Suspect Crown deficiency. .The crown should project over the entire circumference of the chimney by 4" inches.
Looks Clad in membrane. concrete crown for brick chimney.
aluminum or galvanized steel shell would do.
Suspect intact vent cap deficiency. No cap. ( might have it backwards. Even then it shoiuld then have a filter screen and be upside down.)
Suspect brick Effervescence stains. :frowning:
Brick sould not hold moisture. Signs of degrading.
Recommend a licensed masonry company.:slight_smile:
Repair crown and install step flashing.
Your HVAC issue I can not see well enough without knowing the furnace and appropriate manufactures recommendations for venting.
It is suspect to me though.
Please do not use my hypothesis for your report. I am tired and not seeing things well today.

Defect Chimney lack of step and counter flashing’s.

I don’t see any termination flashing above the bottom shingles where they meet the unit. Nor do I see any back pan to catch water and dump it onto the top of the shingles on the sides. Me? I’d flunk it.

BOB its not a chase. Its brick facade. I zoomed in. It has been re-pointed by a voodoo craftsmen. The re-pointing smeared. Remember I told you about a signature of a trained mason. His tuck.
His line work to is his signature. There are over 7000 hours that go into become a case A mason. Then your real work only begins.
Then you learn all the bonds the styles cobbling, stepping out or in, etc.
12 years before you are grounded.:shock: Its endless. Now a days it single American or Scottish bond pattern or bond. They are one in the same.

I took Joshua’s word for it.

**How are metal chimneys, like this one, flashed? **

My image must pixelate when I enlarge. Try it
Skylight frame and then a 3d box with 2/4’s.step flashing and counter.
Then the metal box fits on top.
Thanks BOB. Zoom and see.Looks real.
Here is what it looks like inside. This one is real brick. Did it 2 years ago.

I finished in concrete.

Very interesting that they use a wood frame inside brick veneer.I did a double take because I am used to the real thing in the city.

May see something similar doing a 3 level townhouse 1994 built at a golf course today.

I see all the caulk on the sheet metal so I guess that is why the cap was replaced.
How is the price difference between a Stainless steel cap and concrete?

My job was the second one I had seen. Same builder. What a litany of mistakes.
I will dig for inside shots. Angle iron ever 15 courses to act as bridging support. WOW.

Yes BOB I suspected the photo was taken on someone else s roof. I was wrong.
It is a chase by what I have read.
In some setting the chase framing has to be in-lined ( plumb to left or right of ) with rafters and the rafters are utilized as a means of support for the act a support. Engineers are sometimes called in and only when the extend above xx feet to pass the ridge line.high ( to meet code. ) 3 feet from ridge within 10 foot radius of any obstruction.
Even then I have seen trees or other buildings affect draft…