Questions about the Wind mitigation form

Hello, All

I did some wind mitigation inspection this months and I have one question not sure how to fill in.

In item #2, if I can find out the roof permit in Jan 2023 in the county record, but I can not really find out the roofing singles FBC product approval#. I read some website said you can only find out the FBC approval# in the single package bag.
So I leave this item empty or I fill in the Permit number?


If you can find it, great - but most times it left blank.

thanks a lot

If you read Section 2, it states “Or” between each item.
You only have to provide 1 of the 3 choices.

Nice shoot. All clear.

One more question about the Section #7 Item D.
What kind of non-glazed opening garage door match this required?


You need to slow down and read the form. It lists the rating required in the chart. The door needs to have a rating sticker or paperwork that matches the standards shown.

Hi, Dominic

Thanks for always response my questions and I am appreciate.
I read this section and I did understand the non glazed opening need to meet these code listing requirement.
I have a garage door picture with is from my friend house. There are two labels in each door, however, they did not tell me anything as my mind. They did not check on the first column to tell me which model is this garage door? What should I do? Ask the owner? Call the garage door compnay?

You can research, or you can tell your friend/client to do all the ground work and locate product information so that you can “verify” wind mitigation features.

A glance at that label shows 9 possible choices, and only 2 of 9 are rated, so your odds aren’t great.

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