Metal Pan Roof on 4 point and Wind mit

I had a friend send me a 4 Point and Wind Mit from another inspector on a 1967 home. The photos are hard to see on the .pdf, but I can make most of it out.

The house has a metal pan roof on the back attached to the fascia of the house, as in a screened lanai. It appears the screen lanai was enclosed using awning windows. I can’t see how it was done. However, they laid roll asphalt over the metal pan roof, the inspector is showing this as a secondary membrane roof on the 4 Point and Wind Mit. Because it’s only attached to the fascia and in reality a simple metal pan roof, I think it should have been ignored with a description of the pan roof and enclosure in both reports.


I list metal pan lanai roofs on 4 points as non-structurally attached, and include photos.
I would guess the rolled covering was to stop leaks, but just guessing.

I don’t list those types of pan roofs on a wind mit.

Thanks, my thoughts too.