Wind Mitigation - Enclosures

Enclosed lanai with single hung windows and aluminum walls, metal roof attached to fascia.

  1. If enclosed attached structure, is roof still ignored in roof geometry?
  2. Is opening protection required on above attached enclosure?

I’d say no!
Most all pan roofs are physically attached , but this would be excluded.

If fully enclosed, then there is no way out of it…its gets counted and requires protection on the new exterior walls for credit. Some may disagree.

Porches or carports that are attached only to the fascia or wall of the host structure and not structurally connected to the main roof system are not considered in the roof geometry determination. However, I seem to remember it changes on enclosed attached structures. I had one of these 3 yrs ago and I can’t find the inspection report easily.

My vote is ignore it.

Keyword here is “Enclosed”, read the 1802 again…

Yep missed that one, thanks

If is fully enclosed yes it must be account as part of the house and if it has a flat roof such dimensions must be accounted as non-hip features.