Metal Panel Mean Uplift Resistance

Does anyone know what the uplift resistance of roof deck fasteners for metal panel roofs is?

Not enough information to make any type of determination.
There’s so many variables involved in this. The gauge of the metal roof. And what it’s being attached to.


Consult the mfg for the fastener, based on recommended fastener from mfg of the panels.

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Thank you for the replies. Unfortunately, there is no additional information. The roof was not permitted, there are no receipts, no invoices, and no manufacturer stamps that I can find. I am doing a Wind Mitigation on the property this evening. Worse case, I list it as (A) since I can not find any documentation.

From my understanding, there was not that much variation due to current Florida Building Code when it came to Metal Panel roof (as opposed to standing seam).

Again, I appreciate the replies and thank you for trying to assist.

For reference, this is the roof that I am looking at.

That looks okay with me.
Why do you guys analyze till your paralyzed. We’re just simple home inspector. Call out the deficiency and move on.
Everyone say yes!

A Wind Mitigation inspections requires the assessment of the roof deck fasteners and categorizing them in one of three areas. While I appreciate your criticism, this is for a Wind Mitigation and not a Home Inspection.

Insults are uncalled for, especially from man who advertises his travels from the west to the east towards a fellow traveler. I simply asked a question. One might consider reviewing the lessons of the Fellowcraft.

You should consider option “F” as you can’t verify the fastener, and no permit indicates it might not have been installed to plan. For all you know, they didn’t re-nail the deck at all.


Great point. Thank you.

I am not in Florida and I do not do wind mits. But, I am curious if these rusted fasteners would also be a factor? (Why not muddy the waters? lol)