Uplift value for a 5D roof deck screw

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Does anyone know the approx. uplift value for a 5D roof screw. it is a metal roof system permitted and installed May of 2013 in Hillsborough county.

If at all possible some links to some technical docs would be useful. I’ve done some basic internet searching.

I want to properly classify the deck attachment classification on the OIR form.



It might be in the permit info somewhere in the roofing material NOA…“maybe”? I do not really know but someone must have to get it approved. Let us know what you find out and good luck.

How do you know that is a “roof decking” fastener. Looks like a “roof covering” fastener for a metal roof to me. Does the decking look like it was renailed as per current re-roof codes…roofers lie on that affidavit you know. And by the way, there is no such thing as a 5d screw.

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Nothing in the NOC or permit notes. I would imagine it would meet current uplift requirements being permitted in May of 2013.

To clarify.

Metal roof applications are allowed under code to be installed over the existing shingle roof.

This particular roof assembly is installed on battens that are spaced 18inches on center on top of the old shingle roof covering. The fastener that holds the battens to the roof trusses is what is photographed. I believe it is 1 7/8"-2" screw. Is it not appropriate to classify this as the roof deck fastener? If not should the original deck fastener that holds the plywood decking be used to determine the deck fastener?

Just based on what you are saying I would think the roof deck attachment was NOT changed or modified especially if installed over a shingle roof. I would “likely” go with the original roof deck attachment as it seems the screws are just for holding down the covering.

If that is the case, you do not have re-roof. You have a roof-over, and must use the original decking attachment. The roof covering may qualify but the RDA will not.

How do you know they didn’t renail the deck? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Your roof covering will meet the requirement, but the deck nailing, unless you can prove it, more than likely will not.

Thanks for the feedback. You guys are always very helpful.

It probably should have come to me a bit more clearly when I think about it because it is a batten system which would have classified it as “A” on the form anyhow.

Maybe the statement, “batten system supporting wood shakes, or wood shingles”, threw me a bit there.

Anyhow thanks again

That is one of the good things about this forum.

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