Metal roof valley with lots of sealant

I’m not that familiar with steel roofs. This valley is in a transition from a steep to a low slope area. It appeared that run-off from the steep slope would over shoot the valley and drive water under the panel on the opposite side of the vally. There was a lot of sealant used in some areas and none in others plus the thru bolts were rusted. Would there be a gasket under the panel at the valley to stop water intrusion?



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Sean, look at page 16 and 45 on this link.


Marcel I think it would be easier just to say it is all wrong! LOL

That is basically what I was saying. Just showing details of how it should look.
Wrong big time, no doubt. :slight_smile:

What’s the wrongest part part about it?

Not asphalt .
I see bad insulation with Asphalt shingles .
Here I see most steel roofs are very poorly installed .
Steel in Canada costs about 3 times steel .
Most people do not stay in a home long enough to get the reward of the steel life
Steel covered roofs Homes sell for the same price as a steel covered roof ,
so why invest the extra cost when reroofing … Roy

Marcel has pointed out the proper install info you will need to go from the top to the bottom.
Flashing is wrong for Chimney and plumbing stack.
Flashing is wrong in the valley.
No end protection.
No stand off.
No over lap.
Off set on the ridge.
Penetrations in the wrong area ect,ect,ect.

to many beers on this one…lol…needs some work rec roofer to inspect and repair/replace