Meth Inspection Template

Hello- We did an inspection for meth at one of our properties. How have you found the best way to report the findings? Is there a template available? Thanks for help

And how exactly did you do that??
(The answer to your question likely lies in your answer to that question).

I am looking for a possible meth reporting template to put my findings in a report

I understand that.
HOW did you perform the actual test, and HOW did you come up with your results??
In effect, your report is not really much different than Radon or Mold Test results report, just a whole lot more details and liability!


the lab should give you a report on the findings you did. Just attach their report to your cover page.

That is an assumption that I was trying to get an answer to without assuming.
If he was using a Lab, theoretically he would already have his answers!
There are many “systems” out there targeting Meth Testing, and we don’t know what he is using, thus my refusal to just throw an answer out there without more info!

In my world, any evaluation:

  1. Scope of work - purpose - method (visual, lab testing etc)
  2. Observations and limitations (lab results if applicable)
  3. Summary of findings and recommendations.

From that, I can quickly build any template for just about any circumstance.

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