MIC Marketing question

Does anybody have any tips on marketing directly to the seller?

I was thinking of mailing directly to the homes for sale with marketing material and adding a personal touch and perhaps a $20 coupon. On the outside of the envelope, I wasn’t sure if I should put something to peak the interest of the seller (still working on the phrase)?

Has anyone had success with this approach?

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance. I’m new to the business and pounding the pavement between Real Estate offices feels a little like treading water. My area seems like everyone is competing for Real Estate agents and buyers, thought I’d take a different approach and try to sneak past them all.

Do you know anyone that has had Mic including yourself?

Now simply marketing it may however put your name out as sellers are buyers.

Not personally but some in the forums here seem to do them. If it landed me a buyer inspection, that would be great too. I mean it’s all the same really except for the marketing.

I just thought I’d target Real Estate agents in person, buyers with focused online ads, and sellers by mail. Just wondered if anyone had success with the MIC angle and if they’d share some tips.

The limited-to-no responses should be a telltale indicator/answer to your question. FWIW, real estate is all about money/sales. Disclosure/home inspection findings can derail or hold up obtaining that money/sale. Pretending you don’t know or “hiding” is much easier to sell and get money. Most sellers and REA’s are just like leaks/water flow, always running to the path of least resistance.