Termite Inspections

How does one get trained/certified to perform termite/pest inspections?

Call the Ohio Department of Agriculture; they will send you/tell you everything you need to know.

I’m crossing the border tomorrow to do an inspection in Ohio I referred the wdo out. Is it true that you have to be able to treat if you do the inspection?

you have to have an applicator’s license to get your section 12 certification Which is the WDI license

this qualification alone will likly increase your libility, and insurance. wdi inspections require invacive actions and posible structural hazards, be carefull how much you actualy can do. weather you do it or not, it’s posible for you to do it, so it becomes your libility.

When I got my WDI licence my company doubled my E&O to 2 mil. Be carefull.:slight_smile:

how did that effect your premium?. i found the same thing and the premium went from $600 a year, to $1800. not to mention that it was a seperate policy because E&O (errors and omitions) wouldn’t cover invasive methods. so i opt. to call the guys who are already insured for it. :wink: :cool:

Steve, when you got your license, did your E&O insurance go up? Do you perform the inspection in addition to the HI, or do you treat it as a seperate inspection?
Thanks for all the insite/information.

I perform WBI inspections and FREA charges me an additional $495.00.

It pays for itself.

WDI Inspections in Ohio are no more invasive than a home inspection with the following exceptions. If you see suspected WDI damage you should probe it with a sharp instrument. ( this is usually in a concealed area such as a crawlspace or basement. If there is a cover over something(access panel for plumbing, etc.)that can be removed with simple hand tools then you are required to open it up and peer inside. I was actually surprised how less invasive it is compared to what I thought it should be. You are not required to enter attics unless there are steps; you are not required to remove rim joist insulation; you are not required to turn over mulch; you are not even required to report on termites being present in a stump or anything else located 6 inches from the house. Only items attached to the house are required reporting. I don’t see this as terribly invasive.


That was the same as mine.$495 through FREA. It paid for itself also.


I perform these as a separate inspection and fee,

that sounds like a pretty awfull way to make money. not requiered to report on anything 6 inches from the house??? were do you think the bugs are going to come from? if you follow that to the letter, do you feel confident that you’ve done a complete and thorough inspection? i’d expect more for my money.:wink:


Are you a Licensed PCO in Ohio?

Getting my licence was the best thing I ever did!

I do three to 7 HI per week and sell 10,000 dollars worth of termite treatments.

I am doing well.:smiley:

****, i’d be happy to get 3 inspection a week, then i could quit my day job, advertise, and get my nachi cert faster. i will one day, oh yes…i will.:cool:

Have another beer Jay…you’re daydreaming again…I’m on 5.5 now.

glad i can count on you for a good “pick me up” TONY, what a pal. i hope you got a hangover,:twisted: :cool: :wink: :mrgreen: