Mike Crow in Chicago...?

Interested in Mike Crow coming to Chicago to do an Educational Seminar…?

Members in Chicagoland… would you find this be to useful and/or interesting?


Why waste our money? We need more CE classes. If you’ve been a home inspector since 2004 and are looking for marketing tips something is wrong. You get business from the internet, former client referrals or realtors, that’s it. You want to pay someone to tell you that and charge for his “program”? He’s the only one getting rich!!!

Go easy now Sailor!:smiley:

Now if Counting Crows was there, I might go…:wink:

Sheryl Crow, Black Crows…

Missed my flight back by seconds and stuck her an extra 12 hours.
You guys would not believe me if I told you why or what happened after.
Oh well will post later if battery holds out.

You were giving Mike Crow some marketing pointers and missed your flight? Elton John was late picking you up for the trip to the airport? RR was givin’ you the bone and you missed your flight?:mrgreen:


what about the new inspectors…?
do you expect them to already know how to properly do their marketing?