Need some help on furnace age. Metzger / Milwaukee Thermoflow

Anyone have any ideas (even approximate) on age of this beast? It’s a Milwaukee Thermoflow manufactured by Metzger Engineering, Milwaukee, WI. Model 1203, Serial 5891387

Home was built in 1956

58 or 89? Same as Williamson - use the search feature in the HVAC section for more info.

According to the latest Preston’s Guide,(I just received it today) Model 1203 was manufactured in 1965 and 1966.

Thanks Linas!

Most likely the age of the house.

If it has lasted 50+ years, whats to say it could not last another 10, 15, 20+.

Now it is not efficient for sure. Also lots of rust, what, if any kinds of service records are there on the system.

What kind of testing did you do?

How did you report on the system? What kind of tools do you use?

Just curious!!

What is the picture of the steps for?