Minium distance between the toilet and the shower stall

I am needing to find out what the minimum distance is between the toilet and the edge of the shower stall? I had a client ask me this question today and I did not have an answer for him.

This may answer your question.


Great, Thank You!

There is an important question that should have been asked…
Was the client inquiring in regards to ADA Requirements, which does have different standards than UPC and IPC…


While 15" (residential) from partition/wall/etc. to centerline of toilet is code, it is not typically comfortable enough for many people and really needs more room, IMHO.


Good info BUT - I see no shower is in the drawing which was part of the original question. Keep in mind that they are referencing the drains and not the fixtures, some toilets are wider than others.

Replace the term ‘fixture’ with shower.

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