Minnesota Radon Bill.

Wow a $600.00 license. That mmay get rid of the $89.95 test guy down the road from me.


They don’t have a enough money is the state coffers already?

Here in Kansas, you have to be “licensed” to perform radon measurements for a RE transaction. If you are a regular home owner, you do not have to be licensed to do the measurement.

Several radon companies here in KC do radon measurements and the mitigation. If they “find” radon, which in just about every test they do, and if the buyer decides to use that company for the mitigation, that company does not charge the buyer for the testing. Yep, use me for the mitigation, the test is free.

I have complained to the Kansas AG board, because I have come across this several times, even in my own home purchase. These so-called radon companies who pushed for licensing of radon testing are participating in one of the largest conflict of interest scams in Kansas. They give the testing for free if they do the mitigation. Myself, I do measurements only, but have to charge $125 just to make a few bucks. It is hard to compete for free.

This was another reason why radon companies pushed for licensing, to put us measurement only guys out of business. Just as any licensing program, it is a scam for the people, but a revenue generator for the state and the companies who supply educational classes.

Radon results are required to be sent quarterly to the Kansas AG, but you can send any number you want. There is no policing or enforcement of their polices. Just another botched state licensing program.

Not with Mark Dayton at the helm. Classic tax and spend politician.

I see this as well. People call me and when they find out I don’t mitigate they are a little perplexed. It don’t take long for them to see that it is better to have a 3rd party test done and then call a mitigation company. I don’t refer any one and I think this helps them make the decision.
But I can see where licensing this expensive could make things harder and not so cost effective here any way as I don’t do near the volume to justify the all the costs. It’s a hard sell here but it is to my understanding that one of the big realtors is making a push but I am sure he is going to benefit some how.

Remember that any law voted into play by any lawmaker only benefits the ones who push the laws into play: rarely the consumer.

Licensing laws for inspectors, radon mitigation, termite certifications, are always in favor of the educational providers, because laws REQUIRE educational credits, and the educational providers make the money. I am sure the states get fees from the providers, because they have to be “registered” with the states.

Any law reflecting RE transactions are all a win for the states and the educational providers. Rarely the consumer.

I need to take a $600 class to renew my radon “license”, and pay fees to the state. Just another state revenue generator. What the states do not realize is that it is pushing small businesses out of business, due to high requirements and fees.

Our government is really not looking out for the average American consumer.