Missing main breaker

This home had a new panel installed in 2015 and there is not a main breaker. Also no ground wire, but was approved by a city inspector? Thoughts?

That appears to be a sub panel. Did you find the main panel?

I don’t see a main breaker, but I do see a ground wire. Is this a sub-panel?

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Yes, a sub panel. The service disconnect is probably outside by the meter, Chad. :smile:

It sure looks like a sub panel to me too, my question is, what is the black wire just under the lugs that appears to connect to 2 bus bars??

That’s not a wire. It’s a tie-bar.

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Thanks Chris, I wasn’t sure, but it seemed odd that it was so close to the lugs and looked like a “wire” from the picture.

You are correct there is 100 amp service disconnect outside by the service meter.

That’s all that’s required.