Missing Roof Vent Screens

I see alot of roof vents without screens. I always mention it, but didn’t want to call it out unless I saw signs of insects or critters. Today I saw the damage that squirrels can do. I believe I will be calling these defects from now on. Does anyone routinely do this? Thanks

I always mention it…nothing worse than noises in the attic!

Actually I meant soffit screens…I don’t normally call out roof vents that are not screend…not a bad idea anyway.

I always recommend repair of torn/damaged/missing soffit screens (replacement) as well as the screens that the painter thoughtfully painted over.

That’s the thing that bothers me, usually you see entrance from the soffits, holes in the facia ect. But they were all sealed tight. I’m sure a big oak tree acted like an escalator to the roof. Between the exterminator, electrician and someone to clean up and get the smell out, it will easily be $2K.