Missouri HB 2228

Has anyone read this one yet? A link was sent to me by someone who’s email address I didn’t recognize, and no info is available on the bill tracker website.

It was just filed, Stu.

The full info will be on the site in a few days.

This is very meaningful for us to have two Republican Congressmen who represent the districts adjacent to Parson…presenting an opposing bill.:smiley:

And a bill that calls for “registration” as opposed to “licensing”…the total opposite end of the spectrum.

I can hear ASHI butts throughout the state chewing on their chairs…

Do you know Mambo?


Mark Adams…president of MAREI.

One hell of a good guy.

Stu -

Its the Registration Bill MAREI wrote 2 yrs ago to combat a Bill they knew Parsons to be working on. It’ll have a few new twists added but …

ASHI and the MAR fought it big-time. THey didn’t have the control they wanted,

And they will fight it again…I hope.

These boys need to quit spending all their time pushing a licensing bill. They should divide their time and spend some fighting a licensing bill…like we do.:wink:

Stuart - Did you join MAREI. See their web site www.marei.org

Get on Board - don’t be a woss.

When they go to the House and fight for US - they go in as HE-MAN inspectors, not the girlie types that we keep hearing say:

“I’m not for this and see no demonstrated need, but if you agents think its inevitable - then let me turn around, bend over the couch, raise our skirts and hand ou agents the KY jelly to make your lifes easier”.

Yeah MAREI … They also have a very unique approach - they represent all major Associations (NACHI, ASHI & NAHI) and they reflect that in their leadership and directions.

Unfortunately thats made them unpopular with some Agents & 1 Big HI Group. Oh well, as Mark always says - “I pay for my own insurance, ads, gas, etc - the Big Guy Group don’t do that for US”. So I run my show - not them.