Missouri Radon Bill

Jim - I got this email earlier tonight from other inspectors. Know anything.



Dan -

The radon disclosure bill was introduced by a repub rep from Cassville who is Busharts representative. Ya think Jim had any input?


Not me.

What a joke on us … Is he really your Rep

Yes. it looks like a good bill. What’s the problem with it?

Wow, it is actually a bill that protects the consumer. I bet MAR will kill.

It is kinda like the new Missouri dog breeding law that the voters have passed. I read in the local paper this morning stating some House representatives submitted a bill to take the part out of the law requiring dog breeders to provide their dogs with clean drinking water. They are stating, it will put too make burden on the dog breeder. Sad but true.

I think this bill should be called the Micheal Vick bill.

I reads to me, it its allows the seller to preform their own amateur testing and cut out the profession Radon Specialist.

Who writes this stuff. Where does it all actually come from?

Kansas home inspection registration fees, insurance requirements, educational requirements, termite classes, termite certification fees, Kansas radon registration fees and educational classes, now Missouri crap. Just a few years ago we did not have to pay any of these. Now, we must.

I feel that we, as home inspectors, are being pushed out of business by these special interest groups. We need to push back. It is never about consumer protection; it is always about politics and campaign funding.

Aren’t they already “allowed” to do that?

No kidding…

I read this bill as doing nothing more than generating business for radon inspectors and those who sell the DIY kits. It will certainly invite the ire of the Missouri Association of Realtors who will fight any life saving bills that could interfere with a sales commission.

Let’s see if evil will win over good, again, like it did when they fought attempts to restrict the use of cell phones while driving through school zones…or the requirement for new buildings made of highly flammable and synthetic materials also being built with sprinkler systems.

There is a company here in KC that does radon testing for $75. The company is owned by RE agents. They use electronics, that can be set however they want. Talk about conflicts of interest.

Again, it is amazing that it is actually the agents, office brokers, and local, state, and national RE associations that allow these conflicts of interest to happen. RE’s love soft reports, use their buddies to do radon, and use termite companies to do termite check for free, even contractors to do checks for free.

Consumer protection agencies, state agencies should reprimand the agents, for it is the agents, not the home inspectors, who are shafting the public. It is the RE agents who should be doing the enforcement of poor reporting, poor inspecting, all to protect their client. This is not being done.

So are you wanting a licensing bill???

Gary -

There are now 2 companies in KC on the Missouri side that will do FULL radon testing with the high dollar electronic monitors (not cans) for $60 and $65. One group is RE Agents / Other group is RE Agent wife and radon mitigator hubbie. Is that Cool or What …

Their spiel to Agents is / Hey we can go set the monitors & pick them up and YOU don’t have to get off your butt to meet us. PLUS you can pass the savings on to the clients OR add a little on for yourselfs.

The wave of the future in KC ???/