Misuse of Title

Gee I guess OAHI’s double standard is alive and well. OAHI who has been b i t c h i n g about me misusing RHI seems to have committed another slip up. Supposedly those who are Retired RHI’s in OAHI are not to be using RHI, or so the long held view is. I guess OAHI lets you use it depending on who you are. They just keep on slipping up. My, my, my.

Claude, glad to see you are using RHI after your name, it helps me with my defence of charges levelled against me by OAHI in their allegations I am misusing RHI and in doing so I am committing Conduct Unbecoming. Yeah right!

Gee I guess I will have to report you to Gerry Quackenbush the task master in charge of misuse of RHI. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Watch out Claude David Faux maybe sending you a fine aka Administrative Fine for misuse! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

** Southwestern Ontario Meeting Group** Upcoming Meeting
[size=1] [size=1]Date & Time : 10/14/2006, 9:30 AM Topic : Well Aware Workshop-This morning workshop is presented by Green Communities, free of charge. Agenda : Well Aware informs Ontario’s residential well owners that Wells Regulation 903, under the Ontario Water Resources Act clearly defines the well owner’s responsibility to ensure that wells do not become contaminated

One component of the Well Aware Project is to deliver half-day workshops for community well information providers. These workshops cover topics such as the basics of groundwater science, well stewardship best management practices

These workshops help to ensure that private well owners across the province are provided with accurate, consistent, and mutually reinforcing information.
After the meeting there will be a lunch meeting to catch up on business.

The agenda of the business meeting will be

  1. New appointment to BOD

  2. Defect Recognition Course - London - February 2007

  3. National Conference in Calgary

                                                                                                                **Where :**                                 St. Clair College - Thames Campus, Chatham ON                                                                                                                        **Directions :**                                  Please let us know if you will be able to attend, along with pertinent contact information no later than Otober 11, 2006. 

To register, please contact George Webb at: george@homeprohelps.com
Map : Click for Map Contacts : Ron Sinclair RHI, 519-351-6016 or Claude Lawrenson RHI, 519-979-8110 or Bill Mullen RHI, 519-383-1083[/size][/size]

I wonder if these folks have been taken to task by OAHI for misuse of C.H.I. It would not appear to be the case because this site has been up for a long time and the owner is on the Board of Examiners. I guess OAHI only sends out those special letters to people it really hates like me that they will report me to ASTT(BC).


Nice to see OAHI is on the ball and not applying to rules and special status. Nice! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Oooops here is another misuse of RHI.


Formerly an RHI, no longer found on the “Find an Inspector” of OAHI. Maybe he is retired like me? I wonder if OAHI has taken him up on misuse? I guess because he is a good friend of Dave Bottoms, he has special status too, and after all if you are a friend of Daves, anything goes. :slight_smile: :wink: I guess Tom Lloyd and Gerry Quackenbush, and David Faux will have their hands full now that its common knowledge misuse of RHI and CHI is rampant!

Stay tuned for more great fines of misuse of CHI and RHI by OAHI members! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Is the designation RHI important to you or is this a principle thing?

If it’s important to you fight them!! I would.



Yes its important to me and others because the underlying legislation and the by-laws are in contradiction, not to mention the double standards. To that end, OAHI and its directors have taken it upon themselves to misuse members funds to prosecute and threaten action they have no power to do. They did the same thing with another member, in the end after the member who was being prosecuted had his appeal it was found by the Appeal Panel that OAHI had overstepped the by-laws, and the percipatating action was brought on by egos, abuse of power, animosities at a cost to members of approximately $25-30K.

I am a long time member of OAHI (1991) even longer then many others who think they are special, and I am not going to be pushed around by zealots who think they can abuse members, the members funds, and ignore the by-laws. I will at some point in the future post all 7 complaints OAHI has levelled at me to prove their actions are percipitated by animosities, ignorance, and abuse of power.

I have every intention of fighting on principal and will not be dissauded by a bunch who clearly have already publicly demonstrated their animosities and biases in newsletters, email communiques, eye witness accounts and used OAHI resources to spread misinformation and suspend due process.

Thanks for your interest.

Oh and btw, the member OAHI did take to task only to be proven wrong never did anything with the members who percipitated the whole appeal process and abused their authority. Even one of the Board of Examiners who stood up in a packed room at a monthly meeting and called the member a liar. Or the DPPC chair who convienently ignored the member who was subject of being called a liar, his filed complaint was never dealt with, NEVER! Sorry but this is not suppose to happen in a body that has been granted special status as per PR 158.

I have changed, most all of my designations to “Retired RHI”. The post that you are talking about (noted) is one from another persons post - not mine. It likely is an oversight.

I am beginning to believe that these designations are becoming somewhat over-rated. It never gave me a competitive advantage, and certainly it is impossible for any association that holds right to such titles to enforce all those that may abuse the use of such a title.

Perhaps, you have been targeted more so because of your discussions and posts that goes against the BOD wishes. There is a distinct pattern that has developed against those that do not meet the “postion” of the board. This is nothing new. It has been in existence for some time now. All I can say is I certainly hope that fairness applies to one and all equally.

Than again perhaps its strictly by chance that you have been targeted. My take is that being a member means “we” must obey the rules, and be aware that our legal rights are not secondary to the rule of the BOD. The directive of the board must be in compliance with the law, and not restrict or breach individual rights and freedoms. Certainly to the best of my knowledge it does not restrict one from the right of freedom of speech, and a right to represent the best interest of oneself and their fellow inspectors.

Hi Claude,

Not trying to embarass anyone, just pointing out the inconsistencies, with policy within OAHI.

Just of note … if you read PR 158 it more or less states that anyone in the Registry is a Registered Home Inspector, regardless of membership level. And anyone in the Registry is entitled to use the designation. Nothing more, nothing less. But we have discussed this all before…

I know I have been targeted, there is ample evidence to that matter. It seems in its eagerness to impose policy and not the by-laws, they have treaded on rights that they have no business enforcing or trying to promote as being legitimate.

As to your two last paragraphs, I am in total agreement. We have seen anything but. OAHI has consistently been negligent to even acknowledge complaints properly. Any professional self regulating body that cannot even send a letter indicating acceptance of complaint, or where in the queue, let alone a timely reply is negligent. When I was DPPC Chair complaints were dealt with promptly, and replies to complaints et ceteras were always sent out within 2-3 weeks!We NEVER had to have any disciplinary hearings, and EVERYTHING was above board by full committee knowledge and decision. Unfortunately when the board of directors was found to be abscent of conflicts, et ceteras some got anxious and decided to dissolve the DPPC with out just cause and since that time very questionable activities seem to have become deep routed without any internal audit, or accountability. It is clear by evidence posted on this forum that bias, and animosities are rampant within a body that cannot seem to get its act together because of the myopic inward thinking that has been going on since PACHI came on board and by former presidents who are making decisions outside the confines of the their committees and positions.

As I have oft stated, OAHI should be audited or failing that I am in full support of licencing because OAHI has not demonstrated its ability to administer itself.

I have the right to use RHI, I earned it, I will use it.


Raymond Wand CHI, RHI, ASHI, CFIHI

Question has OAHI answered your challenge of there removing you from The OAHI cafe.
Have they answered any of your letters .
This can only make them look bad when they send out a letter they give ten days to reply.
If they take more then that I would expect is not living up to a precedent they have set.
Roy Cooke

NO OAHI has not answered my first query as to suspension.
NO OAHI has not answered my second query as to suspension.

And no they never replied as having accepted my first complaint against two employees and 3 members. However they did manage to send me a letter absolving those complaints. Now I am appealing those findings and have sent my cheque in for $300 as the appeal fee. Still no answer!

Last week I sent in a complaint on the proper form and charged everyone on the PR committee for suspension of my rights on trumped up charges. Everyone saw the lame excuses that committee rendered. The rules they quoted didn’t even equate with what I had supposedly done. I suspect I will not receive an answer to that complaint either. And we all know why.

I also inquired about were I go to see the records at Head Office as provided in PR 158 and Corporations Act of Ontario. NO answer!


There are many people also stating they are Certified by ASHI. ASHI never has certified anyone.


Ray looks like he is selling out??


It certainly appears the BOD of OAHI has and is targeting certain individuals within OAHI, while others in OAHI who are considered friends go unchallenged. Just by looking at all those links it is of concern that some have been targeted while others are left to their own providing they have not made critical comments about OAHI.

I have also asked OAHI to provide the letter of agreement or understanding between ASTT (BC) and OAHI about the rights OAHI claims to be protecting for ASTT(BC) (CHI). No answer.

As to Andrew he is either in the Registry or he is not. OAHI is in contravention of its own policy because OAHI is on record as stating the OAHI inspector search is the defacto Registry. But it is not the defacto Registry because not everyone is listed. (i.e. retired, students, associates). In order to establish who is in the Registry one must go to OAHI head office to see the Registry. Except no one seems to know where head office is or if they do they are keeping Mom.

Ray it is the old OAHI story do nothing answer no questions.
I say shame on all the OAHI members who read all this information and do nothing .
You all are the reason why this association continues to stumble along.
If you say nothing and do nothing then you will continue to get exactly what you deserve. NOTHING.



They have received $500.00+ for defect and recognition course,25.00 info package from me and let me tell you they will receive no more from me.I’m not a member and will never join!

Financial concerns and quasi, incomplete answers from OAHI. To date no one has seen budget/financial statements, that is unless you go to head office to see for yourself what is what, and depending if you can get an answer to where head office is!

Having taken that any many more courses from OAHI.
I do think they have lost most of their better teachers.

I think if a person really want to improve their inspection education .
They could take that $500:00 divide it by ten that gives you $50:00 and if you went out with a very experienced inspector and gave him $50:00 each time you will have gained much more knowledge in all respects of home inspection.
I did 100 Inspections with my son and 2 other HIs took me out so I could see how they did things.
I landed running and had more knowledge when I started then many who had been at it for years .
I charged more then any other Inspector in my area to start and still charge more then the rest.
Gets me usually a better class of home more profit for lesswork.
Class room instruction is OK but not even close to field training.

Roy Cooke …RHI…CMI…CHI…CAHPI-ON… a Happy Nachi Member


You need the theory first and then the field training.Don’t discount the theory.