MIT roof/opening Proertection YR of FBC per CTY

****[FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Times New Roman]What year (s) did the FBC-Miami Dade codes go into effective for the roof and opening protection in Palm Beach Count, FL - and how about the rest of the State. Is there list we can refer too?? Insurance Companies Mitigation Re-Inspections FBC credits are being removed when Roof replacement Final Roof Permit dates are 2000 through 2008 in Palm Beach County, same for other counties too. Also occurring for the Opening Protection for HOMES new year built within these dates in Palm Beach County and North. [/FONT][/FONT]


Not sure how to answer your questions as you have asked them.

But, here is some info that may help you:

Roof dates for the FBC credits are based upon a permit application date in 1994 for Dade and Broward. Everywhere else in Florida, is 2-28-2002 or later.

Opening protection and building codes apply mainly to new construction and the same dates. The real issue with opening protection, is what is actually found at the time of the WM inspection. “Building codes” are irrelevant if the shutters are not there.
Hope that is helpful.

If your loosing credits due to reinspection or an outdated wind mitigation, I recommend you contact a NACHI Inspector performing Wind Mitigations in your area. You probably need a new wind mitigation.

There are several excellent Wind Mitigators on the board that operate in Palm Beach County, including myself.

Christee, what ‘companies’ are removing credits on FBC built compliance/Roof FBC compliance credits if a house was built in 2008?? Are you referring to the Citizens outreach program??
Shutters again are a whole other story, for instance here in Pinellas county, plywood was an acceptable shuttering up until the 2007 revision, at which point actual shutters/impact windows were required. Also unglazed front doors and garage doors are also only required by the codes to be windload compliant, not impact, however to get the ‘A’ credit on the form, ALL openings have to be impact rated. Your original post was a bit confusing…

Do what now

If you mark “No attic” access, you can remove all credit. Unknown, or other is effective as well.

Be careful with those date’s in Palm Beach county. If I’m not mistaken, the South Florida Building Code’s are for Miami-Dade, Broward and parts of unincorporated Palm Beach county. So double check where in Palm Beach county you are talking about.