mobile home inspection

Has anyone done alot of mobile home inspections ? is there any courses on them , anything will be appreciated, any special reporting books, etc.

When in the crawl area watch out for electrical wiring and wild vermin.
Look closely for re-done poly plumbing and vapor retarders installed on the warm side in the crawlspace.

See 24 CFR 3280.

This is another link for what Jim posted;

You might want to check here also for some help.

Also check you Jurisdiction for tie-down requirements.

Depends where you are inspecting. Assuming this being asked in the Canadian section perhaps consider the points offered by another Canadian inspector such as

I apologize Claude, I failed to notice this was in the Canadian thread, but upon reviewing the contents of your link, I do not see where inspecting a trailer in Canada is any different than here in the US.
I respond to anyone in Inachi that needs assistance, if I can help.
The poster asked a question and no listing of the geographic area was listed.

Marcel not a problem, I did not take it as an issue. I agree, however, newer codes - where applicable may be slightly different across Canada.

I also agree, a lot of common concerns from a saftey and habitability POV are shared regardless of the borders.

Cheers, Claude