Mobile printer?

Any one have any tips for a good mobile printer? Thank in advance.

Do you want color or black and white?

Truly mobile printers are a niche item.
If you’re setting it up in the work vehicle, just get a good ink jet (fast) and a reliable power inverter.


I’m flexible if a B&W has a better quality as opposed to the advantage of having color available.

I have had good luck with the epson WF3640 for the office, I found ink that is affordable and it gets used a lot but is way to big for mobile. Last week I had the need for one while in the field and was looking around… found one I liked but the first review warned about "if it is not used regularly (inactive for 7 to 10 days) the heads get clogged. I might need this thing 2 or 3 times a year if the last couple years are any indication of the future, so I think B&W would be fine.

Black and white will be much more inexpensive to operate and I, like Dom, prefer inkjets in an inverter.

I had and HP for years and it was fast until the scanner puked. Then got a Canon Pixma 922 but ink is costly and it is much slower.

I just keep this one in the car all the time. Don’t seem to use it as much as I used too though.

I use an HP Deskjet 1010. Prints in color. $39 on Amazon. Average life is a year, but the last one lasted about 2 yrs. I print 2 reports everyday.

Thanks guys!

I print all of my reports on site via HP H470. Runs on battery. Never a problem. Used one for 5 years before it quit. Purchased new one in 2009. Still use it.