Mobile software

I’m looking for the best onsite software. I only want to buy the mobile version. I don’t want to have to buy a big software package to also get the mobile version.
It must also be easy to get pics into the report. I don’t want to have to go through several steps to bring a pic into the report.
I need something that is very responsive and user friendly.

Has mobile only. Worth a look imo

Have you looked athrough Home Hub Zone? As a NACHI member you get the first two years free and it’s mobile. I have used a couple different ones and for a mobile app it’s easy to use. It uses an android app when inspecting and then you can also open it in a browser to view and make changes. It’s easy to take pictures and videos and is entirely cloud based. If you try it, let me know what you think. BTW, they have great support. You can call or chat online. I have had to call them during an inspection and I had them answers I needed right then. That makes the learning curve a little easier.

You might want to check out our software also. All standalone on a handheld as an option.

Make sure to look at the differences between mobile only software and programs like Home Inspector Pro, HomeGauge and 3D that use mobile to collect the data but then allow you to review and generate the report on the desktop. Mobile platforms are restrictive and you give up features when you limit yourself only to a mobile platform. Try out software that works both ways and you’ll see what I mean.

Depends upon what mobile software you are talking about. Actually because we create an RTF file from the mobile device you have LESS restrictions as to what you can do with the report that is created from the mobile device. ALL the features in Word are at your disposal instead of just the features that are in the the desktop versions of the other home inspection software. If you embed RTF code into your boiler plate data you can do almost anything your heart desires. Plus…with our software because we have a desktop version of the SAME software that is on the mobile you do not need to learn 2 pieces of software and the data imports right from the mobile into the desktop version…and with no cloud needed …which means no monthly charges.